Limit disease outbreaks with an easy to use device that detects the presence of all known and unknown pathogens.

This challenge and opportunity was the inspiration that launched Darwin Biosciences. Darwin specializes in the development of saliva-based diagnostics for the early detection of infectious diseases. We translate signals in human saliva derived from the earliest immune response using a portable, hand-held device that is fully integrated and designed for personal use.


We have characterized signals in saliva that are derived from the human body’s evolved response to all pathogen invaders. Such signals indicate an active immune system. Initiated within hours of exposure, this early warning system identifies the presence of an infection days before an individual becomes contagious or symptomatic.

This serves as a compelling early indicator of infection for agnostic screening.

At Darwin, we fine-tune our selection of host biomarkers to exclude immune responses that may be the result of either chronic conditions or less threatening, topical infections.


Initially designed to detect infection broadly, Darwin’s adaptable platform can be used to target other biomarkers of disease. Saliva provides great insight into the human condition. While we proved the utility of saliva early in the COVID-19 pandemic by developing an effective screening tool to test thousands of individuals, we are also working to expand beyond saliva by allowing other biospecimens to be tested using our platform. 

Form Factor

This early prototype reveals considerable innovation–we have since incorporated a number of advancements that allow our hand-held device to analyze personal samples in almost any environment. Our visual readout can simultaneously detect multiple biomarkers in minutes. We have created a molecular laboratory that fits in a pocket.