Nestled at the base of the Boulder Flatirons, the Darwin lab is located at the BioFrontiers Institute of the University of Colorado Boulder. Our home could not be situated in a place more conducive to big thinking. We realize our good fortune every day. Boulder is inspiring for many reasons, we’re surrounded by natural beauty and opportunity for adventure. The intellectual and entrepreneurial spirit of the place somehow remains grounded despite the elevated perspective. The burgeoning biotech industry in Boulder and the surrounding Denver metro area provides an exceptional pool of talented individuals that have proven to be eager to contribute to Darwin’s mission.


Venture Partners at Colorado University provides an advantageous place to build and launch a biotech company. With full access to CU’s resources, such as environmental health and safety, an institutional review board, and business development opportunities, we have been able to accelerate our product development and better focus our research efforts.


Our state-of-the-art lab space is well-equipped for molecular biology, human biospecimen processing, and rapid prototyping of our diagnostic device. We also have full access to core facilities which include flow cytometry, confocal and electron microscopy, tissue culture, and high-throughput sequencing.