To develop diagnostic testing that fits lifestyles and systems, normalizing its use to help safeguard humankind. 

Our emergence from the Covid-19 pandemic has many asking, “How will we better prepare for the next pandemic?” At Darwin, our infectious disease experts appreciate that pathogens have always posed a significant threat, and show no sign of slowing down. Microorganisms and viruses evolve rapidly by design. Our growing population and the exponential rate of globalization, accelerate that further. We strive to provide adaptable products that help individuals and societies stay informed.


Today, we create accessible diagnostics for the early detection of disease.


Tomorrow, We’ll empower decision making for global well-being.

Core Values

For us, these are more than buzzwords or headlines for motivational posters. We use them to guide our actions and measure our performance.


We are explorers striving to innovate.


We are ever-evolving to serve the greater good.


We are tenacious in the pursuit of critical solutions and optimal performance.


We are driven to make a difference in people’s lives; we empower them with essential information.