We’re infectious disease specialists with a contagious sense of curiosity.


Darwin Biosciences was founded in March of 2020, just weeks before the Covid-19 pandemic led to nationwide shutdowns. This was a call-to-arms for infectious disease researchers everywhere. We leveraged our expertise in handling and processing human saliva to quickly develop and deploy a turnkey solution to SARS-CoV-2 testing that propelled us through an initial growth phase. We have now turned our focus to developing a next generation diagnostic platform to prepare the world for any unexpected pathogen threat. Darwin is equipped with technology licensed from the University of Colorado Boulder.

Our Founders

Sara Sawyer, Camille Paige, Qing Yang, Nick Meyerson.


Curiosity is at our core. It’s perhaps the strongest virtue we derive from our namesake. We’re inspired by the natural systems that have evolved to protect our species – we work to leverage their powers every day.

Every member of our team knows their ideas will be heard. Our specialists are encouraged to ‘step out of their lanes.’ We believe the collaborative environment we’re building will directly facilitate our next big breakthrough.

Despite the seriousness of the work we do, we manage to have fun doing it – We actively set aside time for it. Darwin is a fast-growing, youthful organization that rewards ambition and entrepreneurial thinking.


We are bright-eyed experts in the fields of infectious disease, immunology, molecular biology, and healthcare product design. We have extensive experience with analyzing human saliva to detect signatures of infectious disease, with a focus on pre-symptomatic detection of infection. While the Covid-19 pandemic taught the world that a person could be infected and contagious without knowing it, we at Darwin appreciate that this is true for most infectious diseases and are thus striving to create products that ‘shift diagnostics to the left,’ allowing for the early detection of any infection.


Darwin has developed relationships with experienced innovators and researchers in the field of diagnostics. These individuals bring a wealth of experience and diversity of perspectives to problems that Darwin is working to solve. Our scientific advisors include world class experts in Virology, Epidemiology and Bioinformatics. They help ensure that our work is guided by the latest and best thinking in the space, and reflective of the current state of research. Our business advisors have collective experience with all stages of companies, from founding to senior executive positions in publicly traded companies. Together, the Darwin advisory team helps us realize the most efficient way to bring our revolutionary platform to market.


US Defense Threat Reduction Agency, Naval Health Research Center, US Naval Medical Research Unit-6

We are grateful for their support and vision.