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Darwin products are investigational diagnostic devices and have not yet been evaluated or approved by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for commercial use.

Meet CoVStick…

We need to re-open our society. The COVID-19 pandemic continues to rattle the world. Our diagnostics are under development with a goal to provide peace of mind to individuals and policy makers during this difficult process and beyond.  CoVStick is envisioned to be a home, self-administered test that will tell people if they are carrying a SARS-CoV-2 infection in their bodies, regardless of whether or not they have symptoms.  CoVScreen is being developed as a high resolution version for clinical settings. 

The goal of CoVStick is to provide inexpensive means for users to get information about their health including people working with vulnerable populations (hospitals, etc) or people with a high number of contacts (delivery personnel, etc). 

Most recently, Darwin Biosciences presented CoVStick at the University of Colorado Boulder New Venture Challenge – taking first place out of 150 companies. 


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Darwin Biosciences specializes in

saliva-based diagnostic tests for infectious disease.

We are developing diagnostics that can identify people who are asymptomatic or pre-symptomatic for common infectious diseases, including COVID-19.  Some of our products are being designed for clinical use. Others are expected to be hand-held and self-administered, so that people can monitor their own health at home or when reporting for work at venues where vulnerable people (i.e. nursing homes, hospitals) or many people (delivery personnel, airport employees) are being served.


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Sickstick and CoVStick are being developed to be portable and affordable enough for everyday use. Results are expected to be returned within minutes

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